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ECS Geothermal Inc is a family owned local company that takes pride in our work and your home.  Being the largest geothermal installer in Kansas City area is an awesome accomplishment, but more importantly we have the small town attitude that make us who we are.  After years of hard work and extensive training, ECS Geothermal has earned the GEO PRO Master Dealer award from WaterFurnace.

ECS Geothermal is fully committed to the sales, service, and installation of geothermal heating, cooling, hot water systems, and radiant floor heating systems. All of these products increase your comfort and reduce the power consumption of your home.

ECS Geothermal Inc.  Is 100% focused on Geothermal / Ground source heat pumps making us experts in our field. ECS was just named Geo-Master Dealer of the year 4 years in a row again in 2016 “Kansas City’s 2016 Residential Geothermal / Ground Source Heat Pump Dealer of the Year”.

Don’t pay a utility company thousands $ every year when you have free heat under your feet. Contact us to see how we can start saving you money right now on your utility bills.   816-532-8334 or email:

ECS has installed over 2,000 geothermal units and services nearly 3,000 geothermal /ground source heating and cooling systems in the Kansas City area. Our geothermal service technicians receive yearly geothermal training so they are always on top of the latest changes in equipment and technology.

ECS Geothermal has been in the geothermal energy efficiency business since 1993 giving us over 20 years experience in Missouri and Kansas. Our mission is to provide the highest quality products and excellent customer service. We only install geothermal units that reduce energy usage, are environmentally responsible, and provide the greatest comfort level for you and your family.

At the end of 2013& 2014 WaterFurnace stated ECS Geothermal is now the 10th largest dealer in the nation and the largest geothermal dealer within a 90 mile radius Kansas City. “Fun fact as of  5-8-14”: ECS  has officially installed  6,000,010 feet of geothermal pipe  installed  in the ground. That is just over 10,000 tons of geothermal installed in Kansas City.  No one around here even comes close to that expert level.

Important things to remember when installing Geothermal:

ECS Geothermal specially designs duct system so we will deliver warmer air in the winter, cooler air in the summer, all the while keeping noise to a minimum. This insulated and sealed duct system ensures the air from your geothermal system is delivered to the room it was designed for and not into an unconditioned space.

ECS was installing geothermal equipment  long before the tax credits and have more than 20 years experience focusing on geothermal from the companies inception.

When your HVAC system is undersized, it costs you more  money every month as the system runs more. With an undersized system, additional costs are also incurred due to reduced life expectancy, increased maintenance costs, and reduced comfort levels when the system is unable to keep up with the demand. ECS Geothermal guarantees your system will be properly sized to eliminate these issues.  In addition to our guarantee we also proudly sell WaterFurnace Geothermal Comfort Systems which carry a 10 year parts and 5 year labor warranty.

Over the life of all the geothermal systems ECS Geothermal has installed so far has the environmental impact equivalent of planting more than 700,000 trees or removing over 500 MILLION lbs. of CO2.

What is the difference between SEER and EER? Example: A SEER of 13 is approximately equivalent to an EER of 11, and a COP of 3.2, which means that 3.2 units of heat are removed from indoors per unit of energy used to run the air conditioner.

A more detailed method for converting SEER to EER uses this formula: EER = -0.02 × SEER² + 1.12 × SEER[2] Note that this method is used for benchmark modeling only and is not appropriate for all climate conditions.[2]


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